An Indoor Dog Game to Play When You’re Stuck Inside


Whether you’re stuck inside due to snow or spring showers in the coming weeks, these indoor dog games are perfect for keeping Fido active and occupied.

Most dogs love the shell game because it includes both treats and an opportunity for using their brains. For the shell game, you will need three opaque cups and a stinky, favorite treat.
Get your dog’s attention and then show him the treat. Place the treat under one cup. When he moves to indicate that he wants the treat, either by using his paw or nose, lift up the cup, allow him to have the treat, and then praise him lavishly. If your dog still doesn’t understand the game, you can use a glass instead of a cup so that he can see the treat as well.
Next, place two cups on the floor, and place the treat beneath one. Move the cups around a couple of times. Your dog should understand that there’s a treat beneath one of them. When he indicates where the treat is, give it to him, and praise. Continue until you’re sure that he understands the game. Phase three of the shell game is to use three cups and mix them up several times before giving your dog the opportunity to choose. The key is to allow your dog to be successful in the game, so go slow if your dog isn’t quick on the uptake. Make it fun.

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