Tucker’s Remission

Today our prayers were answered. Tuck’s follow up oncology appt was a happy one. Dr Calo was very pleased with how well Tucker is doing. No signs of cancer and our furbaby is officially in remission. It’s been a long and emotional 10 months but we never let Tuck down. We made an agreement that we would do all we could no matter how much we had to sacrifice in order to give him every possible option to live another day. Well today proved Tuck was determined as we were. He wasn’t ready to go. Despite losing all his hair, going thru surgery, a month straight of radiation, a few rounds of chemo, living in the cone of shame for about 2 months and breaking out in a rash all over his body, he fought through. He’s our super hero furbaby.

Now with that being said, with every positive there is always a negative. Tucks cancer will one day return. He had a high grade soft tissue sarcoma type 3. When and where it returns only God knows. But I refuse to live in the future. We are living for what’s here. Living today and enjoying every minute we have. Tomorrow is never promised so why live it. Tucker isn’t worrying about tomorrow. He’s worrying about the treats he’s getting now. The belly rubs that’s coming and unconditional love he’s giving to us all. I don’t need what may be tomorrow when I have what is today.